Assessment of thermal effects of kinesiology tape application

Racheniuk H., Szczeielniak J., Bogacz K., Zator S., Łuniewski J., Skiba G., Śliwiński Z.

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Case Series
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This work presents the results of a thermovisual analysis of 20 patients subjected to a single Kinesiology Tape application to the lumbosacral region. The "Y" muscle technique was used for thermovisual assessment.

Material and methods
The study involved a group of 20 volunteers, students of Opole Technical University, including 16 women and 4 men, at an average age of 21 years. The subjects had previously reported intermittent low back pain. The surface temperature of the area where Kinesiology Tape was applied was measured three times: before taping, at one hour after taping and 24 hours after the KT application.

The biggest increase in surface temperature was observed in centrally located Area 1, where mean temperature increased by 1.27°C while mean temperature increases in lateral test areas were 0.6°C. Temperature increases in test areas located directly on the tapes were 0.3°C. These values fall within thermovisual camera statistical error range.

The highest temperature increase was observed in the central test area. The values of temperature increases of the lateral test areas and those located directly on the tape fell within the thermovisual camera statistical error range.


FP 2008;8(3)