The use of kinesio taping in improvement of face mobility in patient after facial nerve reconstruction

Hałas I, Senderek T, Krupa L

Literature type: 
case study
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The purpose
of this study was to present the possibility of using Kinesio Taping method as a complementary therapy in patients with peripherial nervous system damage.

Material and methods
The paper presents a case study of female patient who was treated in the Rehabilitation Centre of Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Lublin. In addition to various kinds of physiotherapy procedures, the Kinesio® Tex tape and Kinesio Taping methods were implemented in treatment.

We noted improvement in face symmetry, tongue muscles movements and in some elements determining quality of life of the patient.

The use of Kinesio Taping method in physiotherapy of peripheral nervous system damage is new and effective therapeutic option.


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FP 2005; 5(2):272-276