The effect of Kinesiology taping application on the result of 100 meter walking test in patients after cerebrovascular stroke

Szczegielniak J., Banik D., Łuniewski J., Bogacz K., Śliwiński Z.

Literatuur type: 
case series
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Foot drop is one of the most serious problems, encountered during rehabilitation of patients with the history of cerebrovascular stroke, since it significantly contributes to gait quality deterioration. Traditional orthopaedic equip ment may, to some degree, compensate this defect. Alternative rehabilitation forms for patients with foot drop include corrective application of Kinesiology Taping. The goal of this paper is to evaluate the effect of corrective positioning of the foot using Kinesiology Taping on the result of 100 metre walk test in patients with the history of cerebrovascular stroke.

Material and methods
30 randomly selected patients (15 males and 15 females) with the history of cerebrovascular stroke participated in the study. The subjects underwent treatment at the Medical Centre in Brzeg from January to December 2009. The subjects’ age ranged from 53 to 70 years (the mean age = 58.7 years). All the subjects underwent standard neurological physiotherapy. They performed a 100 metre walk test before the application, an hour after the application and 24 hours after the application of Kinesiology Tape, aimed at foot drop correction.

A statistically significant (p<0.05) reduction in the results obtained from the test was observed in the subjects after Kinesiology Tape application.

The results suggest the usefulness of corrective application of Kinesiology Taping, supporting neurological physiotherapy in patients after cerebrovascular stroke



Fizjoterapia Polska. MEDSPORTPRESS, 2012; 1(4); Vol12, 71-75